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Broken Soul

29 June 1975
31 year old Patriotic male with "issues". Goes by the name of Rob and i travel in my mind alone, if you cant deal with me - then its your problem :P

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1980s, 24, against animal cruelty, alcohol, animal rights, animals, ann coulter, anti-leftist, anti-nazi, anti-rape, armed forces, army, astronomy, battlestar galactica, bbw, being weird, booty, bpd, carry on films, cats, chinese food, chocolate, christ, christianity, chubby, cigarettes, computers, conservative, cuddles, cuddling, curvy women, cutting, danny elfman, darkness, david tennant, death, depression, discworld, doctor who, donnie darko, dr who, dreams, drinking, dvds, emo, enterprise, evanescence, family guy, films, football, fox news, fox news channel, freddy, freddy krueger, ghosts, girl interrupted, girls, god, gop, hacking, hamsters, harry potter books, history, horror flicks, horror movies, intelligence, internet, israel, jesus, johnny depp, jonathan creek, judaism, kinkiness, kissing, linux, little britain, liverpool, lord of the rings, love, mandrake, marilyn manson, monarchy, monty python, movies, mythology, nasa, nightmare on elm street, occult, paranoia, paranormal, patriotism, philosophy, politics, pro bush, pro-israel, pro-life, pro-straight, prozac, psychology, red dwarf, redhat, right wing, royalty, sarcasm, schizophrenia, sci-fi, science fiction, sean hannity, self harm, severus snape, sex, shakespeare, si, soccer, south park, star wars, straight, suicide, support our troops, swords, taken, terry pratchett, the 4400, the exorcist, the shining, the simpsons, tim burton, time travel, tony blair, usa, vampires, winston churchill, within temptation, women, world trade center, zionism